Spring Chic

Detail Essentials So excited to say spring is here ! I love the winter but the perfect spring mornings are something I long for. This year`s ​spring trends include the white blazer and brooches. I have been a fan of brooches for a while. However most people younger than 50 do not wear brooches. So I was excited to see how I could bring a youthful approach to this trend. I decided to pair the white blazer and the brooch trend together for this outfit. My brooch is one of a kind. It is a simple DIY I came up with. I … Continue reading Spring Chic

My Top 3 Favorite Denim Trends

Ripped Leg and Distressed Hem  I have been obsessed with ripped jeans for the longest time. When the ripped knee first emerged I knew I had to get in on the action. I decided to pair these jeans with a black and white bodysuit . I wanted a chill and relaxed look that day. The good thing about jeans is that they can be dressed up or down. This outfit is perfect for a regular day running errands and can easily be changed into a night look by throwing on a blazer and some heels. By pairing these jeans with … Continue reading My Top 3 Favorite Denim Trends


This week’s blog post is a little different. I wanted to take the time and be a little transparent. This week I will be telling the story of how I got started in fashion. Let’s fast forward to my 10th grade year. I had started to watch “What Not To Wear” and began learning to develop my own personal style. That became my number one priority. I was the chick that wanted to become a doctor and having my own primary car office was the dream. So 10th grade was my exploratory year. My 11th grade year I found 2 … Continue reading DANA’S CORNER

A Monochrome Valentine`s Day

This blog post will be a simple one ladies! These were just some last minute outfit ideas that I came up with. DISCLAIMER : THESE ARE YOUR TYPICAL INSTAGRAM FLATLAYS. Romance Textures This look is for the girl who wants to be trendy, comfortable, and warm. I am so obsessed with this layered trend that has been going around. I decided to pair this lace dress with a t-shirt underneath. I also decided to put it with these fur flats and leather jacket. I love a lot of black with different textures. Lace, fur, and leather definitely are the recipes … Continue reading A Monochrome Valentine`s Day

My 2 Favorite Winter Coat Looks

The Winter DIY  : The Patch Denim Jacket So Im pretty sure that you guys have seen the patch denim trend takeover the fashion scene for 2017. I was intrigued when I first saw it appear. I had been on the hunt for the perfect patched jacket. While on the hunt I had a “light bulb moment”. I have never done an official fashion DIY so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I must say I am loving my choice of this being an monochromatic year for me. I chose this black denim jacket because the blue denim was all … Continue reading My 2 Favorite Winter Coat Looks

Inspired by menswear

Mix prints with a chic and smart approach This is for the girl who is, like me, obsessed with the menswear trend. You can never go wrong with a crisp button down and a printed pair of trousers. I get easily bored with just a plain button down paired with a plain pair of trousers. So, in this look I decided to pair this button down with a pair of plaid trousers to wake up the look a little. To make the look more me I decided to put on a bowtie. I am obsessed with bowties and take every … Continue reading Inspired by menswear

New Year`s Outfits

TRENDY AND RELAXED  This outfit is for the trendy but relaxed girl. I would have to say this describes my style to the T. The motorcycle with a touch of faux fur gives it more of a fashion forward appeal. The oxfords definitely take it to a new level by not having your average heel. To the girls that feel like the sparkle and sequins skirts and dresses aren’t for you. Then this is the look to go for. Jacket – Peebles Sweater , pants,and backpack – Catos Socks – SheIn Oxfords – Zooshoo WORK AND GO This is the … Continue reading New Year`s Outfits